You Deserve To Move Freely

Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system and how it influences movement, posture and stress. The central nervous system is the master system of the body and through it we live our lives. Its ability to function optionally reflects our ability to express our full potential.

Stress and the load of life burdens our systems and reduces resiliency, adaptability and vitality. Restoring function and improving movement, especially of the spine, stimulates the recovery process. Thus freeing the burden and adding ease into the system. 

Dr. Chad uses a variety of techniques to enhance your care.
There are many techniques within the field of Chiropractic from manual adjusting to light force, cranial adjusting and tool techniques. Dr. Chad utilizes multiple techniques and will create a care plan using appropriate techniques to help reach your goals. 

Torque Release Technique is Dr. Chad’s primary technique which can be combined with activator and manual adjusting when appropriate or preferred.



What You Can Expect From Your First Treatment

During your assessment with Dr. Chad, he will assess how your body is moving and evaluate your nervous system function thoroughly. He uses a non-evasive Heart Rate Variability scan combined, with simple but effective neuro-testing. This type of assessment is very useful in analyzing how your nervous system has adapted to life. Thus offering insight to various presenting problems/situations ranging form car accidents, lifting or falling accidents, physical/emotional stress, pregnancy, childhood development, and overall general wellness. Your assessment will end in a chiropractic adjustment. 

*Every 12th visit you will be booked in for an assessment to re-evaluate your progress.

Schedule An Appointment
Initial Assessment & Treatment

Adult 45mins | $125

Child 45mins | $75

Report Of Finding & Treatment - 2nd Visit

Adult 30mins | $55

Child 30mins | $40


Adult | $55

Child | $40

Progress Exam (Every 12th Visit)

Adult 30mins | $65

Child 30mins | $50

Newborn Spinal Exam (0 - 8 weeks)

15mins | Free!