Are you wondering about the benefits of homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathy aims to help stimulate your immune system, increase your resistance to dis-ease and improve your overall health and vitality.

Homeopathy can treat many issues in all ages, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Here's what you can expect.

In your initial consultation, you will explain your concerns, the homeopath will ask specific questions about your aliments, and then together you will explore the history of your symptoms.Your homeopath will consider not only your physical state but your emotional and mental states as well. Homeopathy focuses on the whole person. 

All of this information will enable your homeopath to choose and prescribe an appropriate remedy for your unique situation.

Occasionally the homeopath will need to study your case for a few days to a week, before selecting an appropriate remedy.


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We are pleased to announce that our homeopaths are now certified in HDT – Homeopathic Detox Therapy

“HDT adds an extra dimension to classical homeopathy and also focusses on external factors (harmful substances) which can have different effects on each individual and can lead to health problems.” ~ Ton Jansen

A homeopath might consider using HDT when:

  • there is a history of medications or recreational drugs
  • a specific cause (i.e. environmental toxins) corresponds to the onset of symptoms. We often refer to this as "never been well since..."
  • clients do well on homeopathic treatments and then relapse for no apparent reason

If you would like more information on how HDT can help you, please book a free Meet and Greet with our certified HDT homeopath Barb Wallace. 


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Initial Homeopathic Consultation (Phone & Telehealth Available)

Adult & Child upto 90mins | $257.25


Homeopathic Follow-Up (Phone & Telehealth Available)

Adult & Child 45mins | $99.75