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Massage Therapy - Osteo - Homeopathy -Acupuncture - Chiro

Welcome to Renewal Wellness Center, your haven for holistic health and well-being located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. Our center, situated at 4625 Varsity Dr NW, Unit 150, is a serene and inviting space dedicated to fostering optimal health for both practitioners and clients alike.

At Renewal Wellness Center, we offer flexible room rental options, providing a unique opportunity for Osteopathy Practitioners, Massage Therapists, and Homeopathic Specialists to establish their practices in a thriving community. Whether you're seeking a short-term commitment with weekly rentals or a more extended stay with monthly options, our center accommodates your professional needs.

Our well-designed and tranquil rooms create the perfect environment for practitioners to deliver their healing services. Embrace the collaborative spirit of our center, where like-minded professionals come together to enhance the overall well-being of our clients.

Discover the benefits of joining Renewal Wellness Center and become part of a community dedicated to promoting holistic health in Calgary. Elevate your practice and connect with clients in a supportive and nurturing space. Contact us today to inquire about room availability and start your journey towards a renewed and flourishing wellness practice.

Renewal Wellness Centre

4625 Varsity Dr NW #150,
Calgary, AB
T3A 0X9


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