Your child has a fever in the middle of the night; you need first aid help for that special someone who’s always getting bumps and bruises; or you need remedies to take with you on an impromptu travel adventure. We’ve got you covered!

Below are some downloadable remedy handouts for you:

ASH Trio 'Croup Trio'

This trio of remedies has been in use for nearly 200 years, originated by one of the pioneer doctors of homeopathy, Boenninghausen. It is best known by homeopaths as the ‘Croup Trio’ and is effective for treating children prone to croup.

It can also be used in any cold or respiratory challenge, whether it tends to go to croup, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

It is also very effective if a cold tends to become an ear or sinus infection. The key is to have these remedies on hand and use them at the first sign of a sore throat, fever or sniffles.

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Homeopathy for Dental Treatment

Homeopathy can be very effective in minimizing dental discomfort and providing support after dental procedures. There are remedies for everything from fear of the dentist to pain management. We have compiled a list of common dental issues and complementary homeopathic remedies. If your situation is urgent we encourage you to contact your dental practitioner.

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Homeopathy For Fever

You can safely use homeopathic remedies for most uncomplicated fevers. When selecting a remedy take note of not only the fever, but also how your child behaves when ill. Fever is nature’s way of helping your child’s body fight the virus or bacteria. Unless it is extremely high or complicated by other factors, fever is beneficial and a healthy immune system response, and not cause for worry.

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Homeopathy for Flu

The change of seasons is a great time for prevention. Spring and fall are good seasonal reminders to use this protocol to help prevent flu symptoms. Many people find they are symptom free year after year using Pascoleucyn and Influenzinum.

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Homeopathy for Injuries

Homeopathy can work extremely well with emergency medical assistance. Concussions, fractures, sprains, and cuts and bruises can all respond readily to homeopathic treatment.

We offers Homeopathic Acute Care Appointments. These are one on one private appointments and generally available the same day. We also offer advice on potency selection and natural anti inflammatory remedies.

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Homeopathy for Labour & Postpartum

The following remedies can be used during labour and postpartum according to need. A full remedy kit for childbirth contains at least 18 remedies; those listed in our handout are the most commonly used. As with every homeopathic remedy, they are non-toxic and cannot harm mother or child, nor do they interact with medications or supplements when taken appropriately.

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Homeopathy for Surgery

Remedies are very effective in minimizing the trauma of surgery. The best help is to have an advocate with you; someone who knows you well and is able to assess what state you are in. Your needs are unique, and the remedies are dictated by how you are feeling. A support person is invaluable during this time.

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Homeopathy for Test Anxiety and Studying

It’s important to fuel your hard working brain and your nervous system, as well as manage stress and anxiety which can hamper performance. Here are some safe, effective remedies which don’t interfere with medications.

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Homeopathy for Travel

Homeopathic remedies can be of great help when travelling - for everything from motion sickness and injuries, to insect bites and digestive upsets. It’s a great idea to stock a small remedy kit to take along with you.

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Homeopathic Potency

Choosing the correct potency to the pace of the symptoms is an art. You can use this basic guide to help you choose the best potency. 

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